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script reading service.

I provide a pay-what-you-can script reading/dramaturgy service for playwrights and theatre companies who are seeking advice on new scripts.

All scripts read will receive a full script report. This service costs £70 per script.

I currently and have previously read for:

  • Sky Studios

  • BBC National Short Story Award 

  • Theatre503's International Playwriting Award

  • Paines Plough and Ellie Keel Productions' Women's Prize for Playwriting 

  • The Space Theatre's Script Space Festival 

  • The Royal Court Theatre's Script Panel 

  • Twist and Shout Communications

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Original illustration by Jem Venn

Fergus shows such generosity in the feedback he gives, and the insight he offers has advanced my work countless times over. He sees opportunities the writer may miss, but also celebrates the efforts & intentions made. Having Fergus’ support has definitely kept me writing.

When I went to Fergus for script help, I was not expecting it to be as thorough or as fantastic as it was. He has an understanding of not only writing, but the bigger picture and themes throughout the story as a whole. His advice made us think about things we hadn’t thought of prior to this, in terms of characters and plot line. He also made us excited and motivated and was extremely positive, which I think is one of the most important things when opening up to someone with your work.

Fergus is so insightful with his feedback, able to recognise areas in your script that you hadn't even considered, whilst being personable and helpful in his approach. He understands scriptwriting and can elaborate on this knowledge in a way that makes things make sense when approaching your next draft

For a full script report, get in touch at

showreel writing service.

I also provide a writing service to provide bespoke scripts for actors' showreels.

This is typically a 1-3 page script (depending on how long the scene needs to be) tailored entirely to you and your casting type. The script can also be shared between multiple actors, with the characters tailored to each of your needs.

This service costs £70 per script and includes a redraft to respond to your feedback.

Any additional edits cost £5-10 per redraft, depending on the scale of the editing.

'Hiding Place' for Katherine Lea and Sam Lockwood.

Directed by Jánoux Gerber with Wilder Light Productions.

Fergus’ scripts are powerful, punchy and brilliantly written, and his ability to craft a story in such a short amount of time with vibrant, complete characters is unparalleled. I have had several casting directors ask me where my showreel scene is from, convinced that the scene he wrote is part of a larger project. This is testament to the strengths of Fergus’ writing; able to conjure up characters that are not only perfect for your casting type, but also compelling enough to be imagined existing outside of his work, too.

Fergus took my brief and ran with it. He managed to craft something that as an actor I was able to really work with. The process was smooth and his delivery fast. I can’t recommend this service enough. Showreels are one of the most important marketing materials an actor can have, and working with Fergus allows an actor to showcase a performance in a role and genre best suited to you. Don’t wait to be cast in something, then wait a year for a copy. Hire Fergus today. 

For custom showreel scripts, get in touch at

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