showreel writing.

I am currently open for requests to write scripts for aspiring actors' showreels.

Typically a 2 to 3 page script (which would translate to a scene of around 1.5 to 2-minutes long) however, it can be as long or as short as you need it to be. Tailored entirely to you and your casting type. Can be combined with two actors.


£30 per scene (price includes a second draft to respond to your feedback.)

£5 per following edit.



Hiding Place, written for and performed by Katherine Lea and Sam Lockwood.

Directed by Jánoux Gerber with Wilder Light Productions.

script reading service.

I am currently holding a sale on my script reading/dramaturgy service for playwrights and companies who are seeking advice or an outside eye on new scripts.

All scripts read will receive a full script report, but I also offer page-by-page annotation as well as sit-in rehearsal sessions if you need an outside eye in rehearsals.

SALE rates:

£20 (normally £40) (one-act) for a read and script report.

£30 (normally £60) (full-length) for a read and script report.

For all other script reading services, including page-by-page annotation and rehearsal sessions, please contact me for a quote.

Say hello at with any questions or requests for the above services!