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I am a writer, producer, script reader and critic, with experience across multiple areas, including pitching, copywriting, digital marketing creative administration, brand storytelling and development research.

I have worked within branded content for the last two years, producing everything from 30-second adverts, all the way up to high-quality, feature length documentaries promoting large scale brands. I have worked on projects with Red Bull, Diageo and Booking.com, as well as other corporate clients and distributors.

I am also an award-winning writer - my plays have been staged at theatres across London and I am a published poet - as well as a script reader and dramaturg, trained by The Royal Court Theatre. I have an interest in developing new forms of storytelling through digital innovation and interactivity, which also inspires my approach to digital communications and marketing work.

branded content &

film work.

From 2018, I worked as an in-house Assistant Producer at Bow River Films, a production company in London which specialises in creating high-quality film content for brands.

At Bow River, I was mostly responsible for development: generating ideas for brands, pitching the vision back to the client or to commissioners, designing and writing decks and treatments, as well as storylining and storyboarding the project once it is off the ground. I've worked on projects of all types: from a feature length adventure documentary with Netflix, to short digital-spots advertising whisky and escape rooms.

Here is a sample deck (pdf) sent out to commissioners. I developed the concept, wrote the text and created the design to fit the brief of simple, clean messaging coupled with an adventurous aesthetic.

I have also gained experience in working with brands through approaching sponsors for Everywoman - a week long festival at The Bunker Theatre in February 2020 celebrating motherhood and young families, while providing a space to talk about mental health as a parent. We reached out to parenting and childcare brands to help fund a crêche at the venue; I designed and wrote the Supporter's Pack (pdf) for this. 

Through my internship at BrandPie, a branding and design agency, I was able to gain skills in marketing strategy through working on the Sainsbury's 'Twist Your Favourites' campaign, as well as with large-scale brands such as EY. I handled all the agency's social media during my tenure, as well as writing a series of articles for LinkedIn about my experience.

social media &

digital communication.


two tweets from the announcement

of Canvas for Crosslight Theatre.


a Facebook post advertising

the Everywoman event. 


For Crosslight Theatre, I handled the launch of our lockdown project - Canvas - where writers, artists, musicians and actors collaborated together to create two new pieces of performance work. I wrote a blog post announcing the project and handled all social media around the launch. 

In addition to approaching brands for potential sponsorship, I also took charge of social media for Everywoman, setting up sponsored posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as writing and scheduling posts for The Bunker and Everywoman's accounts. This marketing campaign resulted in near-sell out shows for Everywoman every night (a feat for fringe theatre!) as well as the other live events during the day.

I am a huge believer in using interactivity and immersion within digital communication and marketing: exploiting the unique functionality of social media to capture potential audiences and customers. Not just telling them a story, but involving them in it.


A rundown of my produced scripts can be found here.  This includes work staged at Theatre503, The Southwark Playhouse and The Arcola Theatre among other venues.

At Twist & Shout, I script edited and wrote additional dialogue for a 12-part sitcom series (The Inside Man) aimed at brands to train their employees in cyber security basics. The series is now being used by large-scale businesses and brands, including Barclays, and won a prestigious Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

I am currently under commission from Ladybird Books, writing a puzzle book for children 3-5.

"The most moving piece is Fergus Church’s Nightstand, in which two dazed strangers meet in the smoking area of a club and share stories over the whiff of chips and vomit."​

- The Guardian

"The highlight of the evening for me [...] This is an emotionally truthful play."

​- Everything Theatre 


"What an opener to the evening [Tapestry] was."

​- LondonTheatre1


(for my piece on The National Theatre's 

The Ocean At The End of the Lane)

I also write non-fiction, culture criticism and review theatre for various online publications, including here on my own blog.


These pieces of writing mostly focus on playing with form, taking reviews and critical essays to a more playful, personal and immersive place than a standard piece of non-fiction. My writing has been met with acclaim from arts professionals, including novelist Neil Gaiman.

non-fiction samples.

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